Redefine your classroom: Embark on a journey of discovery with inquiry!

Discover a world of transformative teaching. Experience innovation and passion in your classroom with our bespoke workshop series.

Why Inquiry-Based Learning?

Ignite Curiosity and Exploration:

  • Spark the inquisitive minds of tomorrow
  • Embark on a journey where learning meets exploration

Fostering Future Leaders:

  • Craft thinkers and lifelong learners ready to lead tomorrow
  • Develop actively responsible doers with an eye for innovation

Dynamic and Adaptive Learning Environments:

  • Create classrooms where every question initiates a voyage of discovery
  • Facilitate a nurturing environment that fosters creativity and problem-solving

Real-World Skills and Resilience:

  • Forge connections between classroom insights and evolving global demands
  • Encourage students to venture beyond conventional paths, becoming adept risk-takers

Redefining Educational Excellence:

  • Step into a future where guidance supersedes traditional instruction
  • Embrace Inquiry-Based Learning as the pinnacle of educational progress, fostering a generation prepared to seize opportunities creatively.

Empower your teaching journey

  • Personalized learning strategies
  • Modern classroom organization techniques
  • Enhanced student engagement
  • Future-proof teaching methods

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5-step proven method in Inquiry-Based Learning

Meet the Host: Sabrine Mihoub Gabsi

Sabrine Mihoub Gabsi is a seasoned education professional with a rich background in fostering student-centered learning and educational ownership. With roles ranging from a Montessori and International Baccalaureate PYP teacher to the Head of the English Department at the Ecole Canadienne de Tunis, she has consistently showcased her commitment to innovative curriculum design and implementation.
Currently serving as the COO & Digital Learning Manager at Alphapedia, Sabrine is at the forefront of integrating technology into education, driving innovation and excellence in digital learning platforms. Her experience extends to her role at Bumpli, where she excels as a community manager, business developer, and content creator, emphasizing the personalization of education and fostering a culture of inquiry and exploration in classrooms.
Join Sabrine in her upcoming virtual workshops, specifically designed for kindergarten and primary school educators, where she will impart actionable strategies and insights to nurture a new generation of leaders equipped to thrive in a knowledge-driven economy.

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